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T.N.  Eyer

Speculative Fiction Author

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New Release

Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality

(November, 2023)

The exciting debut novel from the author of the short stories "Date of Death", "Collateral Damage", The "Augmentation Dilemma", and "A Dying Breed". 

Available now!

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Thoroughly thought-provoking, Eyer's innovative novel explores immortality in a way that will live on in the reader's mind for quite some time.


Liam Callanan, When in Rome

Praise & Reviews

"Thoughtful, well-reasoned, and humane sf exploring the implications of lab created immortality"

Kirkus Reviews

T.N. Eyer’s Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality is a startling debut from an uncompromising new voice... sly and satisfying, navigated by a confident writer in full control of her art. A striking novel to be read and re-read.


Brad Felver, The Dogs of Detroit

In this stunning debut, T. N. Eyer gives us a profound critique of society wrapped in an addictive page-turner of a novel...This realistically drawn, speculative story unfolds with gripping precision and psychological depth.


Jessie Ren Marshall, Women in Peril

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