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Finding Meaning in the Age of Immortality

A Novel 

From a millionaire’s birthday party to the home of a family on the brink of eviction, the world comes to a standstill. A cure for mortality has just been invented—but it comes with a six-figure price tag and requires vast quantities of human blood to manufacture.

Ten years later, as the world settles into haves and have-nots, mortals and Immortals, two families struggle to adjust to the new reality. The Hudsons, once homeless, now swap their blood for food and shelter and dream of a better life. Meanwhile, the Davenports turn on each other for their father’s inheritance, enough to secure Immortality for only one of them.

When a scandal brings the Hudsons and Davenports together, they find themselves facing deep-seated corruption, unexpected death, and complex family dynamics, which challenge them, unite them, and ultimately help them discover how to find meaning and purpose in the age of immortality. 

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Daddy's Girl

Featured In Coolest American Short Stories 2024

Coolest American Short STories-cover-front-r2_orig.jpg

Collateral Damage

Featured in Nothing Sacred Fiction Anthology

Forthcoming from Heresy Press

Heresy Press.jpeg

Date of Death

Featured in Water~Stone Review 24

Pushcart Nominated

Best American Short Stories 2022 Distinguished Story


A Dying Breed

Featured in Hayden's Ferry Issue 68

Hayden's Ferry 68.jpg

The Augmentation Dilemma

Featured in December 30.2

Honorable Mention for the Curt Johnson Award in Fiction

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Featured in Blue Lake Review

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